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What Do I Need?

Just click on the arrow under the List of Things I Need to view all of our different rental categories and select the ones that may apply to your event, that category will then be added to your list.  During or after compling your list, click on the category and the different items will display to the right.

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Use the Idea List to save items, even if you are just “thinking about it” as it is a great tool to compare different styles. The Idea List is also a guide to make sure that you do not miss anything that will make your party complete. Call or email us anytime for our advice if you have any questions or need a suggestion. Plus, we can convert any or all of the items on your Idea List into a reservation if you like.  The Idea List is designed so that you can save it and retrieve it later, which works great when you do not have a lot of time available.  You can email it to your friends or family for their ideas and advice or print it if you want to review it later.
Use the Cart if you need to reserve your selections and you will be guided to the reservation process. As you visit our site, you will be able to select any item and add it to the Idea List or Cart.  Adding directly to the Cart is handy if you just have a few items that you need to reserve or if you already have a good idea of the things that you will need to rent.


Important   -    if you would like a salesperson to be able to discuss the list with you, be sure to click "Submit List" and one of our staff will contact you.  We will not be able to view the list with you until you click "Submit List".