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Stair Unit For Stage


$56.50 (base price)

Our stair unit for high stages are among our wide and deep variety of rental stages, dance floors and carpet that make an ideal choice for use at your party, wedding reception, banquet or special event.

This is among a variety of rental staging equipment we offer in conjunction with rental lighting and sound equipment to ensure your event is exceptional.

Being among the largest Twin Cities rental companies, Ultimate Events has a depth of inventory to ensure we have all the rental equipment you need when you need it.

1 step stair unit, 16" high stage

2 step stair unit, 24" high stage

3 step stair unit, 32" high stage

4 step stair unit, 40" high stage

5 step stair unit, 48" high stage

9 step stair unit, 54"-78" high stage

11 step stair unit, 84"-96" high stage

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