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Structural Tent Rentals For Parties, Weddings, Banquets, Receptions

Structure tents, (also known as clearspan tents) have become quite popular in recent years. They were first developed in Europe and used the metric system of measurement; speciffically meters.  1 meter = 3.281 feet.  These are the stronges, most durable tents on the market.

Structures tents have a skeleton frame and are put together at ground level.  Depending on the structure size, it may require heavy lift equipment like forklifts or cranes for installation.  The tent tops and sidewall panels slide into channels (called keeder tracks) on the skeleton frame and become very tignt thus aiding in the buildings strength. 

Structure tents can be built to very long lengths and are capable of housing very large events.  Structure tents are the prefered tent for long term rentals, winter installations, and inclement weather.

These tents are engineered which is necessary as many local fire departments and governments are requiring permits to be obtained prior to installation. 

Our rental tent service is unmatched and our professional and courteous installation staff will ensure your structure(s) and accessory equipment will be installed safely and on time.  It is our goal to make  your event an "Ultimate Event"!

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